Monday, 15 December 2014

The Negative Spin

As a competitive boxer and kick boxer, I've had fights - won some and lost some and every performance gets criticised... I suppose it's bound to, but what I find the most annoying is when people have to put a negative spin on someone's success!

This is something I thought last night: "Some people always have to put a negative spin on things whenever someone has some form of success..." and it's true is it not? You always hear someone saying "yes but..." - attempting to put down someone's success or achievement. If you don't hear someone picking fault in person you will always find it on Social Media sites such as: Twitter or Facebook where they may think it's safer to do so.

I noticed this in particular this weekend, with three situations, all of which were in Sport:

- Amir Khan Vs. Devon Alexander
- David De Gea and his performance Vs. Liverpool
- Lewis Hamilton winning the Sports Personality of the Year

Let me explain...

- Khan Vs. Alexander: A lot of people taking the mick out of Amir Khan for his "glass chin" and his "chicken legs", already doubting him and putting a negative spin on things before the man even boxed.

A lot of people always slate Amir Khan after his KO defeat to Danny Garcia, however, people do not seem to understand that he is boxing at the highest level and all it takes is one punch... Granted Khan doesn't  have the best chin in the business but ultimately how many of these people who are so quick to criticise could take a punch half as well as Amir Khan?

Then after his brilliant performance against Alexander, people start taking that away from him, saying that Alexander is average and has no power, etc. Again, putting a negative spin on things and taking things away from Khan's performance! At the end of the day, Khan has moved up in weight, looks a lot better and stronger, boxed brilliantly against a class opponent and as a result he has some good; big fights around the corner.

I can say from personal experience how hard boxing actually is and what's funny is that a lot of people who criticise fighters like Khan have never boxed competitively themselves nor even trained in boxing!

- David De Gea: I don't know an awful lot about football, but again as soon as he received some praise for his performance against Liverpool, people start going on about how the strikers trying to score against him were poor and not in form - even if that is the case (which it's not because they're playing in the Premier League...) just give the guy some praise and stop taking his achievements away from him!

- Lewis Hamilton: "all Lewis Hamilton does is drive a car and he wins SPOTY" - what a clueless and narrow minded sort of comment. Yes, granted that in F1 it has a lot to do with the car, but it's also to do with the driver! The levels of fitness/physical strength/mental strength and guts that the driver has to have are immense and are a lot more than other people will ever have! A Formula 1 driver is an exceptional athlete.

So, after all of that I have a conclusion as to why so many people always put a negative spin on people and their success:

- Jealousy
- Lack of self belief
- Thinking they know best

A lot of people are "Armchair Champions" and they seem to supposedly know everything there is to know about everything... These are the people who think they know best. They may be quick to criticise but could they do things half as well as those who they criticise?
Some people don't believe in themselves and therefore, have to put others down in order to make themselves feel better... It's sad, but true!
Jealousy... People are jealous. Jealous of others' fame, success, achievements, wealth, happiness, etc.

It's a shame that people can't just be happy for someone and praise them for what they've done and achieved; sadly there will always be someone sat there quick to pick fault. 

If you're reading this then see if you can spot any examples of this over the next week and take a note of it - I do things like this quite regularly and it's pretty interesting!!