Sunday, 5 January 2014


Hi all,

Apologies for my inactivity, however, I've been really busy getting back into my training and just enjoying life again! Since being diagnosed with Hodkgin's Lymphoma on 28th February 2013 I still continued to train, throughout all my treatment, but I was able to return to training properly at the end of August/early September - Since then it's pretty much been all that I've done, alongside my Personal Training and college work and I'm really, really enjoying it again. I am feeling great and my new training diary is looking great, each page so far is full of training, whether that be physical, mental or visual training.

I've been researching a bit more about cancer fighting diets and trying my best to base my diet around that, also I've been trying to start getting my PT business really up and running. In the next month or so, I will have my own share in a private gym where I will be doing Personal Training - so, if you want to learn how to box, to get fit, to become stronger or to lose weight then please contact me and find out more. Personal Training is the industry I really would like to go into, I am in a great place where I am always learning from the other coaches around me, so I am constantly learning and gaining knowledge which will make me a better and more successful Personal Trainer!

Christmas this year was very different for me, I was so, so happy to be here and I made sure that I enjoyed each second of it! As usual, I went and did some training on Christmas day which was fitting really, because training and boxing is my life and I think it also saved my life, so why not celebrate Christmas with a bit of boxing training!? I ate for England that day too and helped myself to not one, but two Christmas dinner's! I got a lot of great gifts and then had my 18th birthday two days later on the 27th. Again, I had a nice day - but it started with a few tears as it was another birthday without my Dad, but I soon snapped out of it and went up to the gym, to do yet again, a bit more training! The day before on boxing day, I was up at the gym again, not training physically myself this time but training what I call 'visually' by watching the guys from the gym spar with one another - trying to dissect what they were all doing and learn from them all. The standard was high as always and great to watch!!

The best part about the festive season though, was being there with my family, being there with my family, healthy and with the ability to still train and do what I love. As always, Christmas is quite an emotional time because of losing my dad, but with the events of 2013 it really was quite emotional, but new years couldn't come quick enough as 2013 was a year which I was quite happy to see the back of.

What have I learnt this year?
I have learnt many, many things:

  • To enjoy yourself and enjoy what you do
  • To not take others for granted
  • To appreciate your health, make the most out of your healthy body 
  • "Your Health is your Wealth"
  • "Your Body is your Temple"
  • To chase your dreams and never give up, not for anyone or anything
  • To always believe in yourself
  • Who my true friends are
  • To tell people who you appreciate, why you appreciate them!
I hope that in 2013 I changed at least one persons life, that I inspired one person, that I made a difference and that I motivated at least one person to chase their dreams. I hope I have done something positive for at least one person, because I believe that out of something negative comes something positive!!!

I will leave you with a quote or two that I really, really like...

"It is the mind that makes good or ill. That which makes up happy or sad; rich or poor" - Edmund Spencer

"Winning doesn't make you a better person, but being a better person will make you a Winner." - Unknown

"The progress may be slow and the journey may be long, but believe in yourself and you will succeed." - Tyler White (during 2nd cycle of Chemo)

"Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny..." - C.S. Lewis 

"Remove failure as an option." - Joan Lunden


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