Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Importance of your Mind

Hi all, this is a short post, all about your mindset and your mental strength. I feel that keeping a strong and positive mind has helped me an incredible amount during my treatment and it will continue to for the rest of my treatment and most importantly, the rest of my life. Read on for my thoughts, ideas and techniques...

As soon as you hear the dreaded words 'you have cancer' you immediately question whether you will live or die, I don't think anybody can think of anything else in that first instant. My instinctive answer to that question was 'you will live', I was determined to win this fight and winning was the only option, I didn't even consider losing. I thank my boxing training for this! In boxing you have to focus on boxing well and ultimately winning, you don't even consider defeat and this was the approach I took with my cancer, I saw it as another fight. A World title fight.

I have always tried to look on the positive side of things, I don't like negativity. Positivity and negativity are contagious, so as a result, it's best to surround yourself with people who think and act positively as opposed to people who act and think negatively - this way you will catch the positivity bug and too act and think positively. The positivity that you feel will make you happier and you will see the brighter side of things, that's why positivity is so important if you're battling a disease such as cancer, if you can think of your situation positively then the whole treatment process will feel like it's going faster and you will generally not feel as ill, whereas, if you were to dwell on your diagnosis and be depressed all the time then the treatment would feel as though it was going on forever and you are more likely to feel ill. Of course, nobody expects someone to be positive and happy all the time, everyone has their moments of negativity, but if you can keep positive as much as possible then you will see the benefits. 

Trust me on this one! This is coming from a cancer victim. Whenever I was feeling negative, it felt as if the treatment process was going on forever; I felt terrible about myself and was doubting myself. However, when I was thinking positively (99% of the time) the treatment felt as though it went by pretty fast and I knew that I was going to win this war and I re-enforced that several times in my head and on paper.

I have said it in my last post, but writing things down really helps me! I write in some of my books little messages to myself encouraging me and telling myself how good I'm doing, it may sound strange and as if I'm talking to myself, but so what? Talking and writing to myself has really helped me, if you can write down positive things to yourself that's just re-enforcing your positivity, this also goes for talking to yourself, if you're talking to yourself saying "You're going to smash this" then you're both re-enforcing positivity and what you want to do/achieve.

The picture above is me after a 2.5 mile walk up hills and over mixed terrain, during the first few days of my second cycle. I reached the lookout point and wanted to get a picture of me doing a pose like Rocky at the top of the steps in Philadelphia, after the photo was taken I thought it would look good edited with a quote that I made myself "My dreams, will become a reality - Cancer can't stop me." This quote and image together really made me believe in myself and showed myself and my friends/family that I was feeling positive and confident, this not only gave me confidence and filled me with positivity but it also did the same for the people who saw it.

Here are a few more quotes that I've made myself that encourage this strong mindset I am talking about:

  • "Strength is found during the worst of times, embrace that strength, learn from it - flourish and grow!"
  • "Chase your dreams, even if something holds you back, don't give up. Just keep chasing and chasing, don't lose hope of a dream for anything!"
  • "Stop moaning and start living!"
  • "Nothing will stop me achieving my dreams."
  • "No matter what life throws at me, I will keep moving forward, keep fighting and keep winning. I'm not someone who falls at the first hurdle."

These are just a few quotes I have thought up and I continue to create them. I hope this post has helped you to understand why a strong mindset is so important, what I speak about can be related to your own life and things like your work, family life etc. not just me and my cancer. 

"A positive mindset is a happy one" 

Tyler White - A.R.D. Training Camp Fighter

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