Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Radiotherapy Day's 4 and 5

So, first of all I have fallen behind with my blog a bit. I have been focusing on doing some research and training since being released from the Royal Brompton the other week and have not had much time to write many posts, however, in that time a few bits and bobs have happened so I have a bit to write about!

I had a CT Planning scan last Friday just to check that we could still go ahead with the planned radiotherapy, that all went well and I felt comfortable with all the breath holds necessary for the treatment. Afterwards, I popped up to my second home (A.R.D. Training Camp) and watched the sparring and strength & conditioning classes - it was really nice to see all the guys again and catch up with them. Afterwards I went to the local Caribbean restaurant for some Jerk Chicken with coach Andre and fellow 'Maggot' Lloyd - I have to say this jerk Chicken is awesome, in fact it's probably some of the nicest chicken I've ever had. And I eat a lot of chicken...

After a relaxed weekend, training my friend Conner (who is developing into a really good boxer) it was time to start radiotherapy again on 29th July. So, me and mum drove up to the Royal Marsden again like we have so many times this year and headed to the radiotherapy department, after signing in and a short wait it was time for me to begin my treatment again. Once in the room, I put my iPhone in the docking station and selected my 'Radiotherapy' playlist, nobody would be surprised at the fact that the only artist in this playlist was Noel Gallagher... I have all the songs from his live album 'The Dreams We Have As Children' as well as my boxing walk on song 'A.K.A. What a Life!' to start the playlist. The way I see this is that as I am getting prepared for the radiotherapy to start, my walk on song is playing, so I see it a bit like when I'm about to walk out for a boxing contest.

Radiotherapy - Day 4

So, day 4 begun and everything seemed fine. I didn't have any difficulty in taking deep breaths during or after the session so that is a positive! Not much else to say about the treatment really, other than again I was looking at my reflection on the ceiling imagining myself with a championship belt in my grip and just thinking about how I will look back on this experience once I have completed and achieved my dreams.

In the evening after the session, I got a phone call from a lady from 96.4 Eagle Radio saying that I had won an award! The award is part of a 'Local Hero's' award scheme and I am one of the two winners in the 'Young Persons Award' - so I was really quite proud of that and it meant a lot that my efforts have been recognised. Also, I have been short listed for another award in an awards ceremony for the British Red Cross - So, that's two award ceremonies I will be attending, meaning I will have to dress smart not in my typical shorts/trackies and t-shirt... Really, really pleased to have won and award and to have been short listed for another, the man who nominated me is an ex teacher and good friend of mine Mark Coates, who is one of the biggest nag's going, but it's all for a good reason! Cheers Coatesy.

'Young Persons Award - An award for inspirational Under 18's who are creating a better future. Young people who, through acts of courage, will inspire a future generation.'

Radiotherapy - Day 5

After another long journey to the Marsden, I had the same treatment and felt fine during and after again (touch wood). Throughout the treatment my 'radiotherapy' playlist was again on in the background and the whole process is starting to become quite familiar now. Today felt as if it went a lot quicker than normal, maybe that's because I am becoming more used to it, I'm not sure! After treatment today, I felt very tired and a little sick for about an hour afterwards, an early night is probably on the cards unless there's a good film on T.V!

Hopefully, if the radiotherapy all goes to plan then I will be able to get back into training with the rest of the guys, in the classes, at the boxing gym within the next 6 weeks which will be amazing. Hopefully the end is in sight and there are no more hiccups along the last stint of my journey.

I will leave you all with two images, side-by-side, comparing what I looked like in June '13 and July '13 (this month)...


  1. Not only will you undoubtedly inspire a future generation, you are hugely inspirational to those of us in an older generation too! Enjoy your awards, you are truly deserving.

  2. Thanks Rebekha, means a lot!!

  3. 'one of the biggest nags going." Omg! I'm a teacher for goodness' sake, whad'ya expect?! By the way, don't use apostrophes for plurals... ownership and omission only ;-)

    Remission on the way mate - COME ON!!!

  4. Ok boss, just blame Yas for that, she obviously didn't teach me about apostrophes very well. ;-)

  5. Err, you were clearly not paying attention in class! :-p

  6. Congratulations Ty. Most definitely well deserved. You are one in a million. Glad to hear the treatment went well.