Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Radiotherapy Day 6

Day 6 completed and one step closer to remission!

After another long journey to Sutton, I had a meeting with one of the Radiotherapy consultants and discussed a few things about the treatment itself. The Doctor was brilliant in explaining things to me, during my first consultation I said to him that I wanted to know everything and be told the absolute truth, I didn't want anything covered up and hidden from me. So, as a result, today he was totally honest about my treatment and about how they've had to adjust things slightly due to the whole situation with my heart. Also, although I've known about this tumour since February I have never actually been shown clearly where the tumour is in my body, so I asked him to show me and within an instant he had my last PET scan up on screen showing me it's size and location and pointed out on my body where it was. So, now finally after about 6 months of wondering, I actually know whereabouts it sits in my body and I also know where another few cancerous lymph nodes were just behind part of my collar bone.

Whilst speaking to the doctor he was very re-assuring, he said that my lymphoma has gone from 16x12cm to 12x6cm with the four cycles of chemotherapy that I had and that the majority of that lump is more than likely scar tissue, parts of the immune system and other things because the scan showed none/very little metabolic response (meaning only a small part of that lump has active cancer cells). That is why I am having radiotherapy in order to wipe out those last active cancer cells and to reduce the chances of it coming back. So, fingers crossed and just got to keep fighting!

Before the consultation I had my observations done and I was really happy to find out my resting heart rate was 68! That's so much lower than it was when I first went into the Brompton with a heart rate of 120!!! Goes to show how much my heart has benefited from the drain and that it has regained some strength, which is re-assuring for me and my boxing, health and fitness. Also, blood pressure and oxygen levels were really good.

As for radiotherapy, I again started my 'Radiotherapy' playlist on my boxing walk on song 'A.K.A - What a Life!' - the lovely ladies doing my radiotherapy both started humming along to the song saying how much they liked it, so I told them it was my walk-on song and they both said what a good choice it was (hopefully that's a few ticket sales there). Anyway, after the routine scan the treatment begun and again I had no problem with the breath holds, in fact I was taking less rest in between and as a result the session was over quicker. I did think at the beginning of the treatment "Why me? Why do I have to go through all of this?" and then I just said to myself "This struggle will make you a Champion, you will have that extra little bit of will power". I had seen some footage of a guy my age training in America, he was a Puerto Rican kid, he had loads of belts and medals and was training with the likes of Danny Garcia and Gabriel Rosado and I wont lie I was jealous, all I wanted to do was be picking up medals and belts but I know I have to get through this first and all in good time I will be at the same level as that guy and this whole process will only make me stronger and give me more desire to go further and further. I am confident that I will get far despite this setback and I will achieve my dreams. I have fought too hard not to.

So, another day ticked off and another day closer to getting back in the boxing gym where I belong. It will be so nice going boxing every day as opposed to the hospital!

Would just like to finish by saying a massive well done to all those involved in the Connaught and Calthorpe three peaks challenge, the fundraising has now surpassed the £4000 mark which is brilliant!! Also, good luck to Debby & Sam Doetsch who are doing the 'Nuts' and 'Grim' challenges in aid of The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity too!

You can donate to the schools or Debby and Sam on the links below:

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  1. All in good time Tiles - you'll smash it up down the gym when the Drs and Andre give you the green light... (I have to quote Shakespeare here) "How poor are they that have not patience! What wound did ever heal but by degrees?" Hang in there, buddy.