Monday, 8 July 2013

My Visualisation on 06/06/13

Extract from Vision Book:

'Today after a light walk and stretch off, I sat down; relaxed and meditated whilst listening to the sound of a running waterfall. I focused on my breathing and soon found myself in deep visualisation:

Me and Dad sat on the side of a Pond similar to that in our old house in Roberts road, having a hug and talking to each other about how proud we are of one another and he was telling me how I am going to beat this and we looked at each other with proud tears and shared one more father, son hug. Dad then slowly faded away, I became a man and my little boy (named Paul after Dad) sat where my Dad had previously. I cuddled my little boy and cherished the moment, before telling him stories of his granddad and explaining just how great of a man he was.

Such a lovely moment: nice weather, dreams, memories, my dad and my future. My dream is to re-live this as most I can and one day create a pond in memory of my Dad.

I love and miss you Dad x'

Visualisation is a great way to make you feel better and to give you that extra bit of hope and positivity you may require. Give it a go!

Tyler White - A.R.D. Training Camp Fighter

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