Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Exercising with cancer

Hi guys,

The following is an extract from my training diary for the training I completed today (10/07/13) - this is the sort of thing I will be posting in my 'Exercising with cancer' page, so be sure to check it out. There I will express my opinion on training during cancer treatment and I will also be posting my training sessions, showing you my gradual progression and the sorts of things I do.

I am not an expert in exercise or rehabilitation after cancer treatment, but I have experienced the disease and have trained with the disease both after and during treatment. I also have a keen interest in fitness and exercise and am also studying a Sports Exercise Science course at college, so I have a pretty good idea of what I'm doing! Not to mention, I practically lived in my boxing gym before my diagnosis so I have lots of ideas and experience. Please take a look and see what you think! :-)

Wednesday, 10th July 2013:
'I went for a run this morning at about 8am before the sun got too strong. I went down the path and back again, this time without a rest at the half way point. I really pushed myself and at some points I really picked up the pace. I was encouraging myself both in my head and out loud. I would shout random noises and words like 'strong', 'cancer' and 'come on' which worked and motivated me. I ran for the whole 1.05 miles without a rest, this is some definite progression for me because I ran 1 mile last week and it took me 13 minutes, today I ran 1.05 miles in just under 13 minutes. Very pleased with myself!

Once I got home I had a short rest and a bit of a stretch, then did 100 core exercises:
  • 20x seated crunches
  • 20x ankle wiggles
  • 20x crunches
  • 20x leg raises
  • 20x russian twists
Good morning session!'

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  1. very impressive regimen under the circumstances