Thursday, 25 July 2013

Chin ups

Before my treatment I was able to do lots of pull ups and chin ups, I was strong and I could usually do around 10 in a row without much of a struggle, but during and after my chemotherapy, where my muscles had weakened so much, I couldn't even do half a chin up. It was really quite upsetting and embarrassing going from doing 10 without any trouble to not even being able to do one in the space of a few months. For me, that showed me and proved to me just how physically weak I had become. 

Since finishing my chemotherapy I have been able to build up my training and start slowly progressing. As a result of the last few weeks of training I have got much stronger, I can really feel it and it is showing in all my exercises. I have been doing a mixture of running, cycling, strength training and boxing work all in order to rebuild lost strength and to try and get my fitness back up to a decent standard.

Yesterday evening my brother did a few chin ups on my chin up bar on my door frame, so I thought 'bugger it, why not!' And had a go, much to me surprise, I did it!! I didn't jump up to the bar either, I started with my legs crossed and pulled myself up with my arms. I was amazed and so proud of myself!

Then today, at the end of my training session I went upstairs to see if I could do it again... Not only did I do it again, but today I managed two chin ups! It certainly sounds like nothing, but to me this is a real sign that my strength has greatly improved and that I am getting back to how I used to be. 

I have also been doing press ups since starting chemotherapy alongside other exercises, but really struggled with these after a few sessions. Now, I can confidently perform 15 press ups without stopping and whilst doing so I feel strong. I have set a target to do 30 consecutive press ups by Christmas time this year as well as 10 burpees consecutively too. 

Just thought I'd share this story of progression with everyone and show other fitness freaks like myself who may be fighting cancer or any other disease, that you can still be strong and fit :-)

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