Monday, 22 July 2013


Apologies to everyone for not posting recently and not posting about my radiotherapy, however, I do have a good reason! Last week I was having some issues with my breathing and so I had to get it checked out before I started day 4 of radiotherapy, it was confirmed that I had some fluid around my heart. 

There was a substantial amount and so I needed to get it drained and I was therefore, switched from the Royal Marsden to the Royal Brompton. I required an operation to get this fluid drained because if I left it, there would have been too much pressure on the heart and it would have soon stopped beating. So yes, I was going to have that operation without a doubt!

The operation took place whilst I was awake and boy was it painful! The whole thing was an unpleasant experience and I was fitted with a drain to the sack surrounding my heart which was full of this liquid. During the operation they extracted 600ml of fluid (so about two cans of coca cola) and the drain attracted to me extracted another 200ml approx. so in total around 800ml of fluid was surrounding my heart. That's a lot!

I was in hospital from Monday to Saturday morning and so this is why I have not posted. This is only a short and brief post on what went on last week but when I get to my laptop I will write a lengthier description of the past week and my experiences. 

Thanks guys


  1. Tiles, so pleased you're recovering and so sorry you've had the setback - I know you'll be rocket keen to smash up the radiotherapy asap!