Friday, 12 July 2013

Another extract from my Vision Book...

This is me, Tyler White. This is my quote. I am a cancer fighter and I'm a survivor, a victor, a Champion! 

This is me, standing at the highest peak in a place called Caesar's Camp - I often ran here before being diagnosed, it was never a real struggle - but on Tuesday 9th April 2013, the sixth day of my second cycle, I walked, ran and power walked my way up there and it wasn't easy, it was tough, but then... so is life!

This picture shows my optimism, my heart, my fighting spirit and my absolute refusal to give up! I have big dreams, I want to be a World Champion and this cruel disease will NOT stop me. 


"I will become Champion."

This sort of article I write in my vision book is something I use to help myself, it's not really designed for others to look at and it is for me in order to instil confidence and belief in myself throughout this tough journey. However, I thought I would share this with the world to help out those in a similar situation, as it may be something they wish to try in order to help them and boost their confidence and self belief. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is having a tough time or may have some issues with their own self confidence, because like they say 'nobody will believe in you, if you don't believe in yourself' - so start somewhere and do something like this or list all the good things about you, or if you can't think of anything get somebody else to!  

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